Friday, August 3, 2012

The Final Solution

As we look upon the spectacle that is the 2012 Olympic games, I can't help but feel that we may never see the world is such harmony again. I am sure many of you will say, what harmony, the world is in chaos? And this is true, but nothing like the days to come.

Syria represents, in my opinion the striking of the match that will ignite the fire that will ultimately consume the middle east and eventually the world. The acceleration will be the Israeli/US military strikes against Iran. I believe military action against Iran is inevitable regardless of who wins the US presidential election. It will come with great cost no matter who is US president. If Obama is America's president, I believe America has a chance to recognize its mistake before it is too late and save itself from total annihilation. If the president is Mitt Romney, the only result can be all out world engrossing war. I will explain why.

The US industrial military complex has put in motion the tide that will carry America into conflict with Iran. This is further fed by the fervor of evangelical Christians to see biblical prophesy fulfilled. Nothing is more powerful than the belief that something is already certain, and too many with control of the purse strings not only believe it, but believe their money can insure that they are the ones who will survive and enjoy the thousand years of peace to follow. The fact that Iran poses no credible threat to America is immaterial. Israels Zionist paranoia will insure that it will act, and not even President Obama will be able to stop this country from rushing to Israels aide once it is staring down the barrel of those who will not let this aggression expand. Evangelicals, with the help of Fox news and the other clones will beat the drum for the idea that it is the duty of America to save Israel at all cost. North Korea, China and Russia will all fear such dramatic expansion of the power of American and Israeli ambitions in their part of the world, and I expect they will oppose it at all cost. I do not believe that China and Russia will allow both Iran and Syria, their biggest allies and best customers in the middle east to fall under US and Israeli control.

Once the move by Israel is put in motion, it will become quickly obvious that a mistake has been made. If Obama is president, his superior skills of diplomacy will immediately begin to work for a solution to avoiding all out war.

But I truly believe that If Romney is president, his advisers led by Dick Cheney and John Bolton, urged on by evangelical Christians and Neo-cons will leap at the opportunity to exert maximum force in an all out effort to subjugate and dominate its enemies and competition with the intent of creating a modern day empire to exceed even the greatest ambitions of ancient Rome. In their zeal to become Kings and Queens of the universe, the ultra rich neo-conservative movement will create a massive military made possible by mass unemployment, idle hands ready to be put to work; and ready cash fresh from gutting every possible program that does not support their nefarious plan. Medicare, medicaid, social security, the post office; all gone and their massive funds diverted to fight this war to extend American exceptionalism. The media that began being commandeered under Ronald Reagan and even now serves their masters by putting out massive ongoing propaganda will crank into full force to convince the American public that indeed it is America and Israel who are the victims, and our very survival is at stake.

And indeed, the prophecy of the bible will play out in self fulfilling certainty. The anti-Christ is the phony Christian movement, who completely ignored the true teachings of Christ to force the realization of prophecy formulated by opportunists who counted on not being around to ever see it come to pass, and who believed by describing it in painstaking detail, no one would ever be foolish enough to actually allow it to happen.

The racists will insist that purity must be restored, and those bearing the marks of Gods enemies, dark skin, must be eliminated. The elitist will assert that their survival with their fortunes not only intact but extended by the spoils of war prove they are clearly the ones with the right to be the ruling class. And all will be right with the world.

But we who truly understand Gods nature know this will never be. We know that the ultimate result is that the true enemies of humankind will be exposed, and the world will rise again, wiser and with an even greater appreciation for the power of Gods wisdom and the strength of diversity.


  1. Maybe I am naive, but I believe Panetta went to Israel to say publicly we support you if you strike Iran, but privately, don't do it (Jewish vote...hint, hint). My Persian friend tells me that just like in South Africa, the sanctions are working. The people are up in arms because of the economic hardships they are facing. Sanctions, along with the covert computer hacking, and targeted killing of the nuclear scientist, will stop the Iranian nuclear program. Now if Romney wins all bets are off the table

  2. I think you are right about Panetta. And I do not believe the majority of Israelis want to see Israel strike Iran. I do believe though that unless we can find a way to reign in the industrial military complex and its masters, those who expect to reap billions from more war, Obama winning will simply be seen as requiring a different strategy to striking Iran than the more overt one possible under Romney. In this scenario, Israel and its famous independence looms larger still.